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Storybricks Closing Down

Storybricks, the developer behind the AI platform created for Everquest Next, is no more. Last month we learned that Storybricks and Sony Online Entertainment were parting ways, a severance that CEO Rodolfo Rosini now states is of no fault of SOE’s. It was our own decision and Sony Online Entertainment (now Daybreak Games) bears no […]

Everquest Next Drops Ties With Storybricks

Daybreak Game Studios has announced that they have cut ties with Storybricks and will continue developing the game’s AI in-house. The comment came during a live stream where the team also revealed hopes that the game will come to Xbox and Playstation. “We are not working with Storybricks any more. We made the decision that […]

Lessons From 2013 #9: From Failure Comes Greatness

Storybricks has become my new grammar peeve for this year. When people refer to the cancelled story-building MMO, they are thinking of the Kingdom of Default project. Storybricks, unless I have read the whole ordeal wrong, refers to the platform through which the AI is given its behaviors. Who could have thought that after Storybricks […]

Storybricks Collaborating On Everquest Next

Remember Storybricks? The last we had heard, the game Kingdom of Default had been cancelled so that the AI structuring technology could be properly developed and used on other video games. We were told that several projects were in development, however nothing specific could be offered at the time. Well buckle your seatbelts, because the […]

Storybricks Creator Teams Up With Outside Partners

Remember Storybricks? We covered the game back when it was first announced, including a small interview, and a quick look. Namaste Entertainment has a pretty radical idea: AI in MMOs has not been progressing alongside the evolution in sound and graphics. So the game set forward to build an engine that could allow characters to […]

Kickstarter Is Not The Last of Storybricks

I hate to be the pessimist, but with 65 hours left on the Kickstarter and about $225,000 left to go, I think there is a small chance Storybricks may not make its goal in time. Now, I’d hate to see Storybricks fade into the background after the Kickstarter falls through, so I got in touch […]

MMO Fallout Talks: Storybricks Interview

Looking at my calendar, there are approximately 17 days to go until the Storybricks Kickstarter runs out of time. As of today, 347 backers have contributed $21,522 to the fund, which means there is a long way to go before the $250,000 goal can be reached. Here at MMO Fallout, we are supporters of the indie-MMO […]

Building My Own MMO: A Storybricks Alpha Look

I know I am not the only MMO gamer who has said to myself “I want to make my own MMO. With blackjack and hookers.” I don’t know about the latter two, but thanks to the power of Kickstarter I discovered a developer who not only shared my thoughts but wanted to make my dreams […]

Some MMO Kickstarter Projects You Should Fund

Kickstarter and independent developers are starting to become great friends, so it is no surprise that indie MMO teams have come forward to get some startup cash without as much reliance on investors or publishers. I have two currently running funds for MMOs to advertise to you, and will let them speak for themselves, but […]

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