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Nexon Talks: The Story of MapleStory

This week I got the opportunity to chat with a couple of the folks behind MapleStory, a game that you may have seen a fair amount of coverage here in recent months. Yes, this game that launched in 2003 is still going very strong, with major content updates coming out on a rather impressive schedule. […]

MindArk Talks: Entropia Universe 16th Anniversary

Those of you who keep tabs on the industry will remember that Entropia Universe turns 16 this year, meaning that not only can the game now drive in most states, but it retains its discount card along with the other long-lasting MMOs. As it goes, I had to know what their secret was. Thankfully MindArk was […]

Daybreak Game Company in “Growth” Mode

Laura Naviaux Sturr, chief publishing officer over at Daybreak Game Company, sat down with in order to discuss the developer’s last year, certain hurdles, and how the company is looking forward. Over the past year, Sony Online Entertainment was spun off into its own company under a new name, saw massive layoffs and the […]

Paladins Ditches Heavy Customization

Paladins is a MOBA game that puts emphasis on players being able to customize their characters via collectible cards, at least until Hi-Rez decided not to. While originally billed as a game that would carry a small number of highly customizable heroes, a recent interview with Erez Goren has revealed that the developer plans on […]

Jagex Talks: RuneScape Deadman Mode

The past year or so has shown RuneScape to be one of the oddest games I’ve ever had to cover here at MMO Fallout. While traditional MMOs branch out with expansion packs, often times altering their names to match the latest version, RuneScape is one of the first that I’ve seen to actively spin itself […]

Missing World Media Returns: City of Titans

Earlier this week, I got to sit down once again and have a chat with Missing Worlds Media about their upcoming game City of Titans. If you didn’t catch out interview published last year, check it out at this link. For this interview, I managed to snag project lead Chris “Warcabbit” Hare to talk about […]

Missing Worlds Media Talks: City of Titans

The story behind Missing Worlds Media and City of Titans is one of true inspiration and dedication. When NCSoft announced that City of Heroes would sunset along with Paragon Studios, members of the community rose up to answer the call to action. By the time City of Heroes shut down for its final maintenance, plans […]

XLGames: Goldfarming By Any Other Name recently conducted an interview with Yinzi Cheng of XLGames, creators of the MMO ArcheAge. The interview is based entirely around the game’s monetization format, which Cheng believes makes the game impervious to gold farmers. There are three currencies in ArcheAge: Gold, Arcs, and Crystals. Gold is the usual in-game gold, crystals are the real […]

Angry Joe Interviews Zenimax

Angry Joe has an interview up with Zenimax discussing just about every aspect of The Elder Scrolls Online you can think of. I suggest watching the video, rolling in at fifteen minutes total. The interview is peppered with a fair amount of gameplay video, showing off combat including the reintroduction of first person mode, which […]

Cryptic Opens Studio To Polish Champions Online

Better late than never, I suppose. Champions Online is a game that, despite its potential, has seen some neglect over the years. The game has been subject to a number of updates over the years that are either never fully realized or have spent their lives in a perpetual prototype or broken state. It appears […]

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