Silvy Talks: On The Quality Of Ewin Gaming Chairs

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MMO Fallout Reviews the EWin Champion Gamer Chair

Editor’s note: The chair being reviewed was provided by Ewinracing Corp.

Those of you who read MMO Fallout know that I am the prime authority on activities involving sitting on your duff. By day I am just a mild mannered MMO reporter, so I spend a lot of time typing on my laptop. Also by day I am a student attorney which means doing a lot of legal research, sitting in court, writing up stuff, and you guessed it…sitting down while I do those things. As a six-figured debted student, my history of chairs has generally fallen into the “what’s on clearance at Office Max” stack, chairs that are not exactly ergonomic, don’t provide lumbar support, and cost less than a new video game for a very good reason (low quality). Unsurprisingly, I’ve had some back problems arise from this.

So you can imagine my excitement when Ewinracing Corp reached out and wanted to talk business. If you don’t know who Ewinracing is, they sell those gaming chairs you might have seen your favorite Youtubers being sponsored by. They also sell gaming desks, tablet holders, and mini-PC sticks. I accepted the offer, and because I am a champion they shipped me out an Ewin Champion Series chair in my favorite color; Neon Green, and the rest as they say is about to be written in this review.

This is, without a doubt, the best chair I have ever sat in and Ewin was kind enough to not make me review this chair in the form of a Youtube video which is to everyone’s benefit. The chair itself is made of high-density separated foam over top a metal endoskeleton with a 120mm gas lift that claims to support up to 330 pounds. I am not close to two thirds of that weight, and it seemed rather unprofessional to purposely try to break the chair by hauling several people onto it in a way that it was not designed for, but given the metal skeleton I am willing to give EWin the benefit of the doubt and say that you should be good to go in terms of body support.

As far as office chairs go, this is a sturdy, sturdy bird. I did give the chair a heavy wiggle and bounce test to see how it held up as in my experience I’ve found that these self-assembled chairs tend to not feel completely secure, but the Ewinracing Champion Series chair is sturdy as a rock. If you have ever assembled an office chair, you already know what you’re doing here with the exception that there are covers for where the back screws into the base that you don’t normally find on other chairs. Even the bolts that come with the chair are thicker than I’m used to seeing, and add to the feeling of sturdiness that the Ewinracing chair provides.

The first thing you’ll notice about the chair if you are like me are the pillows. It is incredible how much of a difference some simple lumbar support can make on your sitting experience, and for the past few days I have sat in this chair and did not have to adjust myself or have any issues with back pain after prolonged sessions. The pillow is very comfortable and it can be adjusted higher on the chair if you’d prefer that kind of back support. As someone who is six feet tall with much of that height being in my legs, it’s refreshing to see a chair that rises high enough that my feet don’t touch the ground. In addition, the EWin chairs feature what they call “4D” adjustable armrests, which is really just a fancy way of saying that the armrests go up and down, rotate left and right, and even go forward and back. As someone who is rather finicky about my armrests, this is a big positive.

But when I received my chair, I wanted to know just one thing: Does the chair actually recline as much as it does in the videos, and is it as comfortable as they say it is? Short answer: Yes. I’ll be honest with you folks, this chair scared me the first three or four times I sat in it. I just had to check out one of the major advertised features of the EWin racing chair, that being that it reclines back to a point that on a regular office chair would just lead to the whole thing toppling backwards. Unlike a regular office chair, the Ewin gaming chairs have their center of gravity closer to the back of the chair.

This allows you to recline to a point where someone might just be able to check your teeth given proper lighting. It’s terrifying the first few times you do it, because anyone who has taken a spill backwards over their office chair knows that they are not generally designed to recline like this and stay upright with a person leaning all the way back. This isn’t anything to do with the chair itself, which I will reiterate is completely sturdy and gives no indication or reason to believe that it isn’t stable. After a few times reclining the headrest back, I can comfortably lay back on my Ewin chair without the fear of the thing toppling over and me injuring myself on the hardwood floor. It’s perfect for veg out sessions watching Netflix on the TV that is way too large for my tiny room. I recommend getting used to the idea by lowering the chair to a point where your feet are still planted on the floor while the chair is all the way back.

The shape of the chair itself forces your back into a healthy posture, and while it does feel weird at first, you pretty quickly get used to it.

Now let’s talk about negatives of which I can think of very few. The Ewinracing chair is as heavy as you would expect a thick metal framed chair to be, and this could be an issue during assembly if you are buying it because you have a really bad back and assembling a standard chair is already an issue. The chair itself is also very firm, which people who like a soft chair might find disagreeable although the pillows should take care of any of those complaints. There’s also the matter of cost of which this chair is roughly $350. Three hundred fifty smackers is going to sound like a lot for a “gaming chair,” especially when you don’t have the luxury of sitting in the chair beforehand like you do at most office stores.

After having the opportunity to try out what in my opinion are the best gaming chairs in the business, if Ewinracing contacted me and said they needed the chair back, I would happily pay for the chair to just be able to keep it. Don’t tell anyone that I said that. Yes, it’s easy to say that a product is a great value when it is provided for free, but I can say with complete confidence that the Ewinracing Gaming Chair is worth every penny.

Photographed: The clearance office chair

Thankfully you don’t have to spend every penny to get one of your own. If you head over to the official website, you can get 25% off of your purchase of an Ewin gaming chair with the coupon code “mmofallout” (without the quotation marks).

I want to thank the folks at Ewingaing Corp for offering up this great opportunity.

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