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Survarium Interview On Worlds Factory

Survarium is the upcoming spiritual sequel to the STALKER series, and our friends over at Worlds Factory managed to grab an exclusive interview with Vostok Games to ask a few questions. Survarium is a free to play online first person shooter set in a world following an ecological disaster. Players will need to team up […]

Derek Smart Returns: Free To Play, Line of Defense, Lockboxes

It’s been a while since we last talked to Derek Smart. A year and a half, almost, if you’ve been keeping count. Last time we talked about Quest Online and Alganon, focusing on aspects of free to play and how Quest Online was promoting the game. With the approach of Line of Defense and a […]

Jagex: Our Other Projects Were Hobbies, That Ends Now

Jagex CEO Mark Gerhard has always been pretty frank with the internal going-ons at his company, and in a recent interview with Develop, he answered the question as to why all of Jagex’s products that are not RuneScape have either failed to launch or failed to make a profit, and the answer is simple. The […]

The War Z: Sandbox, No End-Game

I can’t wait until The War Z comes out so I can get to end-game and grind the super master zombie raid. What? I can’t do that? Well then. In an interview with PC Gamer, Executive Producer Sergey Titov explains that The War Z is first and foremost a game of survival. Your goal is […]

MMO Fallout Talks: Storybricks Interview

Looking at my calendar, there are approximately 17 days to go until the Storybricks Kickstarter runs out of time. As of today, 347 backers have contributed $21,522 to the fund, which means there is a long way to go before the $250,000 goal can be reached. Here at MMO Fallout, we are supporters of the indie-MMO […]

James Cameron: Avatar MMO? Perhaps

Is the Avatar MMO a possibility? A question best left to James Cameron himself, perhaps asked by IGN. And by the good grace of Grendaline, IGN has come through with just such an interview. In an exclusive interview with Cameron, IGN asked the all important question, “what are your thoughts on turning Avatar into an […]

Stephen Calender Talks:

By now, you may be slightly familiar with the name Stephen Calender, ex-programmer for NetDevil. A few weeks ago, I brought up his blog post in a Week in Review, that went into detail starting at the acquisition of Lego Universe by Lego (and subsequent layoffs) to the relationship between Gazillion and NetDevil and even […]

Derek Smart Talks: Alganon, Free To Play

I know what you’re thinking: “Omali, you clearly don’t have a punchline ready for this segment,” and you would be one hundred percent correct, but I have good news. In my continuing efforts to branch MMO Fallout from the normalcy of sarcastic comments, random videos, rants, sales, and “I told you so” moments, I’ve decided […]

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