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Bungie Admits Mistake, Reverses Content Lockout

Not a stranger to controversy, Destiny 2 came under the spotlight yet again this past week during the launch of the Curse of Osiris expansion. While introducing new raids and quests, players quickly became angry over the news that players who did not own the expansion would be locked out of existing content, namely prestige […]

The Newbie Blogger Initiative Is On

May has arrived, and that means another year and another Newbie Blogger Initiative. For those of you who don’t know, NBI is an annual event that hopes to bring more people into the big blogosphere that is the internet. In my case, it means hopefully populating the internet with writers who in all likelihood will […]

Stephen Calender Talks:

By now, you may be slightly familiar with the name Stephen Calender, ex-programmer for NetDevil. A few weeks ago, I brought up his blog post in a Week in Review, that went into detail starting at the acquisition of Lego Universe by Lego (and subsequent layoffs) to the relationship between Gazillion and NetDevil and even […]

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