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Lego Universe Was Hindered By Dong Detection Software

Lego Universe was an MMO that allowed players a free space to build anything their heart desired, and since the internet is well known as a mature and well behaved medium, it may surprise you to learn that some players were using the creator to build brick representations of male genitals. Former Lego Universe developer […]

MMO Fallout Mentioned In LEGO Book

Some of you may remember back a billion years ago when I interviewed Stephen Calender about Lego Universe, back when MMO Fallout was an even tinier blip on the radar of the internet. Generally I assume that our old articles are lost to the deep recesses of history, not to mention the back pages of […]

MMOs: Bring Them Back, Or Let Them Lie

I love reading about MMOs being resurrected, almost as much as I hate reading about MMOs being resurrected. On one hand, it’s great to see that a game I once thought dead has attracted the attention of another enterprising company. But then I sit back and ask myself, “do I really want someone else touching […]

Let’s Talk: MMOs For Your Kids

If Lego Universe has a legacy to leave behind, it is a page in history soaked with the sorrow of children and parents who simply want to give them a game that they can have fun with and perhaps learn something from. Since I wrote the bit on Lego Universe and children with autism, the […]

Lego Universe And Autism, Or, A Shattered Heart

I hate reporting on MMOs shutting down. For how much the market is saturated, each game holds a special place in at least one person’s heart, and no matter how unmarketable the title was there will always be a group to mourn its loss. It almost goes without saying that when a kid’s MMO is […]

Lego Universe Online Shutting Down January 2012

Hello Adventurer, today we are very sad to announce that LEGO Universe will be closing on Janurary 31, 2012. This was a very difficult decision to make, but unfortunately LEGO Universe has not been able to attract the number of members needed to keep the game open. We are thankful to have had the opportunity […]

Lego Universe Free To Play Today

Check your Calenders, folks. August 15th brings with it the partial free to play transition for Lego Universe. Starting today, players will be able to download the game for free and access two adventure zones and one player property, as well as a large amount of mini-figure customization options and equipment to acquire. Of course […]

Lego Universe: Bringing Leveling

Lego Universe has been quite the topic for MMO Fallout over the past week or so, and Lego Team hopes to make the game a little more MMO-ish in the coming weeks. One aspect Lego Universe has been missing is player levels, rather players join a faction and level up through the ranks by completing […]

Stephen Calender Talks:

By now, you may be slightly familiar with the name Stephen Calender, ex-programmer for NetDevil. A few weeks ago, I brought up his blog post in a Week in Review, that went into detail starting at the acquisition of Lego Universe by Lego (and subsequent layoffs) to the relationship between Gazillion and NetDevil and even […]

Lego Universe Heading Free To Play This August

I have to admit: Second free to play announcement of the day, yet not as exciting as the first. is reporting that Lego Universe is set to go free to play this fall, although reading the announcement, the transition sounds more like calling Warhammer Online’s endless trial a free to play system. The LEGO Universe free-to-play […]

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