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Daybreak Game Company Hiring For Unannounced Game Project

Just in case you thought their days of making new games was over, Daybreak Game Company is hiring for an unannounced title. The company is hiring for numerous positions in relation to what appears to be an action-based MMO that is being developed for PC and consoles, is on the Unreal 4 engine, free to […]

Anarchy Online’s New Graphics Engine Releases

The wait for Anarchy Online’s new engine dates back to MMO Fallout’s infancy, literally. We’ve been around since July 2009, and the new engine was uncovered that December. Players who have stuck around have a good reason to rejoice, as Funcom has announced that the new engine is finally available on the live server. The […]

Opinion: RuneScape Needs A New Engine

RuneScape’s combat system has never been the highlight of the game for me, not when I joined in 2004 and not when I’m still playing today in 2014. Before the addition of Evolution of Combat, fighting monsters was a boring system of clicking and watching your fighters trade blows, occasionally eating food or drinking potions […]

Missing Worlds Media Talks: City of Titans

The story behind Missing Worlds Media and City of Titans is one of true inspiration and dedication. When NCSoft announced that City of Heroes would sunset along with Paragon Studios, members of the community rose up to answer the call to action. By the time City of Heroes shut down for its final maintenance, plans […]

APB Reloaded Upgrading To Unreal 3

The folks at Reloaded Productions have put out a new dev blog highlighting upcoming changes to APB: Reloaded’s engine. As some of you may know, All Points Bulletin is set to receive an upgrade to the latest version of the Unreal Engine 3, or the 2013 build to put it in another perspective. Updating to […]

Anarchy Online Engine Upgrade Is Real, And Coming

The Anarchy Online engine upgrade is on its way. Stop laughing, I’m serious, it’s coming, and sooner than you think. Funcom has released their monthly behind the scenes for Anarchy Online, revealing that closed beta isn’t just coming, it is practically here. Signps are expected to open soon for the closed beta, during which players […]

Jagex Remaking Transformers Universe Within Six Months?

Back when Jagex announced that Transformers Universe was taking a full 180 degree spin and transforming itself from a traditional MMO into a League of Legends style MOBA, I removed it from our listings. After all, we don’t cover MOBA titles here and a recent poll showed that the majority of you have no interest […]

Greed Monger Is Back On UNITY

Greed Monger is the upcoming sandbox MMO being created by Electric Crow Games and the subject of a very successful Kickstarter project just a few months ago. Originally set on the UNITY engine, at some point the folks at Electric Crow Games decided to switch over to the HERO engine, which many of you will […]

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