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Missing World Media Returns: City of Titans

Earlier this week, I got to sit down once again and have a chat with Missing Worlds Media about their upcoming game City of Titans. If you didn’t catch out interview published last year, check it out at this link. For this interview, I managed to snag project lead Chris “Warcabbit” Hare to talk about […]

City of Heroes: The Mask Comes Off

At this point in time, the idea that there are talks underway to get City of Heroes back up and running isn’t a secret. The previously unnamed team has been negotiating with NCSoft to acquire City of Heroes with the request that the negotiations themselves be kept secret and with the knowledge that the whole […]

Missing Worlds Media Talks: City of Titans

The story behind Missing Worlds Media and City of Titans is one of true inspiration and dedication. When NCSoft announced that City of Heroes would sunset along with Paragon Studios, members of the community rose up to answer the call to action. By the time City of Heroes shut down for its final maintenance, plans […]

Videos: City of Titans Trailer

Today’s video comes to us from City of Titans, showing off a few set pieces and concept models.

City of Titans Sets Sights Past Pre-Production

Missing Worlds Media took to the news to announce that their flagship title, City of Titans, is nearing the end of pre-production. The short letter talks about crafting respawn systems, battling the new Unreal engine, as well as importing Learner’s Cove, the game’s planned tutorial area. Named after noted pirate Captain James Edward Learner, Learner’s […]

City of Titans Shows Off New Tech Demo

Our friends over at Missing Worlds Media have unveiled a new video showing off map construction using the new Unreal Engine. It is quite impressive how dramatically a scene can be altered by changing the lighting and leaving models untouched. For more details on the upcoming superhero MMO, check out the City of Titans official […]

City of Titans Moves to Unreal 4 Engine

Missing Worlds Media has announced via Kickstarter update that City of Titans is in the process of being transitioned to the Unreal 4 engine. What does this mean? Well development has been put back a little bit, but according to the announcement it will be worth it for an even better game. The new engine […]

City of Titans in Full Preproduction

City of Titans is one of the spiritual successors to City of Heroes currently in development. In a recent announcement, Missing Worlds Media revealed the new board elected to oversee operations and ensure that the project makes its way to completion on schedule. To serve on Missing Worlds Media’s board, we have chosen five highly […]

Taco Tuesday: Now The Gloves Come Off

  In this week’s Taco Tuesday, I want to talk about Missing Worlds Media and City of Titans. With the Kickstarter now over and the money getting set to roll in, it must be understood that playtime is (mostly) over. No longer can Missing Worlds Media be treated as the ragtag group of volunteers with […]

City of Titans Breaks $675,000 As Clock Hits Midnight

  Missing Worlds Media never stood a chance of failure, not if its devoted community has anything to say about it. As the sun sets on the City of Titans Kickstarter campaign, the team comes out with a grand total of over six hundred seventy five thousand dollars. That level of pledge ensures the release […]

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