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Jagex Cancels Weapon Diversity Update, At Least For Now

Jagex today announced that they are cancelling the weapon diversity update, a project that had been in beta for the last month. The weapon diversity program was meant to differentiate weapons from one another on a more solid grounding, but the major impression was that the update just wasn’t transformative enough. Most changes were being […]

Mark Laidlaw Reveals Half Life 2: Episode 3 Plot

With the launch of Duke Nukem Forever now more than half a decade behind us, Half Life 2: Episode 3 (or Half Life 3 depending on who you ask) has taken the throne as the king of vaporware. Initially announced in 2006, the next episode in the Half Life 2 series, which Valve ironically moved […]

2016 Predictions For The Year 2017 Part 1

2016 is coming to a close and that means starting predictions for 2017. This is the part where you make notes of everything I say and then come around at the end of February to let me know that my predictions were wrong. 1. Hero’s Song Will Shut Down (Editor’s Note: About 20 minutes before […]

Everquest Next Wasn’t Fun, Development Ceases

Development on Everquest Next has ceased, leaving gamers wondering about the health of Daybreak Game Company and the future of Landmark. Daybreak President Russ Shanks took to the official website to announce the unfortunate reality that during development the team came to the harsh conclusion that the game just wasn’t coming together. As a result, […]

NCSoft Shuts Down Project HON

NCSoft Korea has shut down development of Project HON, allegedly due to a perceived lack of interest in giant mech games in the local market. Project HON is being shelved to allow NCSoft to focus on its other titles, including the upcoming launch of Lineage Eternal and further growth of Blade & Soul in foreign […]

Blizzard Cancels Project Titan

Blizzard has confirmed in an interview with Polygon that the company’s ambitious next-gen MMO Titan has been cancelled. Mike Morhaime, co-founder and CEO of Blizzard, commented that the team just “didn’t find the fun,” adding that after seven years in development the team had to take a step back and evaluate whether Titan was the […]

Whatever Happened To: Hellgate 2

I know what you’re thinking: There was a Hellgate 2? Technically no, which is why we are here in the first place. I had absolutely no idea that a Hellgate 2 was in development, partly because it was announced way back in 2011 and we haven’t heard anything about it since. Set to appear on […]

Ridge Racer Driftopia Cancelled Mid-Beta

Bandai Namco has announced that Ridge Racer Driftopia will shut down its servers on August 15th. The free to play racing game launched September 9th on the Steam Early Access with the hopes of launching on the Playstation 3 down the line. Players are able to purchase vehicles, experience, and other items via the in-game cash […]

World of Darkness Cancelled

CCP has officially announced that World of Darkness has been cancelled. Some of you may remember that, last month, CCP’s annual financial report stated that the company had written off a piece of software as no longer having any value. It looks like that property was World of Darkness. In his note accompanying the announcement, Hilmar […]

Final Fantasy XI Is Not Being Ported To Vita

Bad news, bears. All five of you who purchased a Playstation Vita (and I include myself in that) in hopes that Square Enix would eventually port Final Fantasy XI to it, as hinted in a news post from two years ago, are going to be sorely disappointed. Interested in seeing if there was any new […]

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