Daybreak Has Cancelled Its Marvel Game

Writes off millions in losses from the doomed project.

We’ve known for a little while now that Daybreak Game Company was working on a Marvel game, and by “working” I mean in the sense of the Daybreak we know that doesn’t include releasing products. Earlier this month we learned that Jack Emmert had once again jumped ship from an MMO studio, landing at NetEase under a new studio called Jackalope Games. What we didn’t know was the status of the Marvel game, a question that probably could have been answered by seeing who was in charge of it (Jack Emmert) as well as the studio (Daybreak Game Company). Consider your obvious question answered.

In an email blast to investors sent out minutes before their latest quarterly report, EG7 confirmed what we all knew; The Marvel game has been cancelled. Approximately $51 million USD that the company had planned on spending on the game will now be spread across big updates for its live games as well as new game opportunities with first party IPs that will in all likelihood also get cancelled mid-development. The cancellation marks a $23 million write-down confirming that Daybreak hadn’t invested all that much in the game to begin with despite us first hearing about it several years ago.

For those of you keeping track, Daybreak has seen one game to completion in the decade since Planetside 2 launched, and that game (H1Z1) had a lifespan of less than two years before they summarily abandoned it to maintenance mode.

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