Shadow Redemption Cancelled Pre-Launch

Game now shows as discontinued.

In a news story that will make you say “I guess that sucks, whatever,” it looks like Shadow Redemption is dead in the water. Yes that game none of you knew about two minutes ago and won’t care about two minutes from now. A game that appears to use stolen World of Warcraft assets and allegedly held three successful alpha tests that nobody seems to be able to vouch for. In other words, hell if I know if this game actually ever existed.

The publisher Pacific West Studios refers to the game as “highly anticipated” despite the Steam store having all of 75 followers and there is literally one post on the forums not related to the game being delisted from Steam. The company’s Twitter account also has two followers. More people will know about the game from this article after its death than its entire development span.

Shadow Redemption was a highly anticipated video game developed by Pacific West Studios for PC and STEAM. After three successful closed alpha tests, the development company officially announced the title as ‘discontinued’, as of 2/22/22.

Shadow Redemption was in development by JJ Mcbride, the only party in this with less public relevance than the publisher. Just for good measure, MMO Fallout checked with the US Patent & Trademark Office to see if the registered trademark symbol on “Pacific West Studios” was accurate, and was informed they have no registered trademarks on file for “Pacific West Studios.” Which is considered fraud under federal statute.

Go back to whatever you were doing before.

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