Hotcakes: Vanguard Multiplayer Should Go Free

Goes on umpteenth free week.

Call of Duty: Vanguard is the latest and not quite greatest Call of Duty title. Since its launch last year, we learned that Vanguard didn’t quite pull the numbers that Activision wanted, and the company has run quite a few free weeks, free weekends, and now a two week free period for the multiplayer. If you have a ton of space on your hard drive and don’t mind waiting a few minutes for that lovely shader compiling, it’s actually a decently enjoyable game. Not one that I’ve ever had an inkling to pay for, but fine for a free period.

Personally I think Activision should give up the ghost and just make Vanguard’s multiplayer free. It’s obvious at this point that the game isn’t bringing in the numbers they want, despite multiple free weeks, and ultimately all you’re going to do is get that same cycle of people coming back for the new free weekend. Making the base game free and weeding out cheaters by having phone number verification or something of the like would go a lot further toward maintaining a better population. Also those free players might buy stuff from the store. Like battle passes.

But what do I know. I drank something out of the fridge that I couldn’t identify before, or after, I drank it.

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