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Call of Duty, WoW Classic Make Activision Blizzard Mucho Dinero

The success of World of Warcraft Classic could only come as a shock to J. Allen “You think you do but you don’t” Brack, but to the rest of the world the idea that the classic servers brought back a lot of players isn’t surprising in the least. Activision released their third quarter statements for […]

Falling Out #4: To Hell and Back…To HR

On this episode of Falling Out, Bobby Kotick comes face to face with a force so evil that even he is powerless…Human Resources. Sprites created by Stephen Challener (Open Game Art)

Activision Blizzard Celebrates Record Results With Mass Layoffs

Activision CEO Bobby Kotick announced in an investor earnings call today that the company will lay off nearly 800 employees, mostly in non-game-development areas. The layoffs are expected to impact Activision, Blizzard, and King studios. The decision comes after the company achieved “record results” in 2018, however not as high as investors had hoped for. […]

Bungie Announces Split From Activision, Retains Destiny IP

To the surprise of just about everyone, Bungie made the announcement today that they are splitting ways with Activision, with the former retaining publishing rights and control of the Destiny game going forward. In a joint statement released alongside this news, Activision/Bungie noted “going forward, Bungie will own and develop the franchise, and Activision will […]

Activision Blizzard Terminates Its CFO, Netflix Poaches Him

As the year comes to a close, Activision Blizzard is making headlines with their announcement that it intends on terminating Chief Financial Officer Spencer Neumann for “cause unrelated to the company’s financial reporting or disclosure controls and procedures.” Mr. Neumann has not officially been terminated and has been offered the opportunity to demonstrate why cause […]

*URGENT PSA* Recording/Overlay Software Is Causing Permanent Destiny 2 Bans

(Update: Bungie’s PC Project Lead has called this “Internet BS.”) We do block programs from pushing their code into our game. Most overlays work like that. We don’t ban for that tho. That’s internet BS. — Shawctober (@ShockAndShaw) October 25, 2017 It looks like certain recording software is triggering permanent bans in Destiny 2 on […]

Activision Patents Using Matchmaking To Encourage Microtransactions

Can you imagine playing a game where you’re never quite sure whether or not the game is intentionally pitting you against more skilled enemies to better advertise spending real money on more powerful weaponry? Activision can, they patented it. Discovered by Rolling Stone, the patent relates to matchmaking systems and driving microtransactions in said games. […]

Call of Duty Gets Slammed In Steam Ratings In Open Beta

The Call of Duty World War 2 beta is officially live on PC, and Steam players are not happy. Just hours into the beta being available, the game is already sinking in reviews with 30% (of more than five thousand reviews) as of this writing having a positive outlook on the title. While there are […]

Orion Project Back On Steam After DMCA Takedown

The Orion Project is once again available on Steam after its removal from Steam over allegations of copyright theft. Developer Trek Industries found itself on the defensive earlier this week when Valve removed their game from sale, responding to a DMCA takedown notice by Activision claiming that several guns from Orion were stolen from more […]

The Takedown of Orion: Answering The Call of Duty

Orion developer David James is threatening a counter-suit after a DMCA takedown notice from Activision resulted in Orion being removed from sale on Steam during one of the larger sales of the year. The takedown notice alleges that Orion stole assets from Call of Duty: Black Ops III and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. James […]

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