Minh Ton Talks: Eternal Return Voice Acting

Interview #1 of 2.

I know what you’re thinking; MMO Fallout interviewing celebrities? What is this late 2022 change of pace? I got the opportunity to interview a couple of the star voice actors for the game Eternal Return, and like an unattended delicious malted shake I took my chances. The first interview I’ll be publishing is with Minh Ton who voices Karla in Eternal Return.

Check it out.

First off, thank you for taking the time out of your busy days to chat. While I’m sure you need no introduction, could you introduce yourself anyway and where our readers might most recognize you from?

Hi there! My name is Minh Ton, I mainly voice in Indie Games and some Anime some of which include Love Live Superstar, Edge of Eternity. But you guys will probably know me best for my Role in Eternal Return as Karla!

How did you enter the industry of voice acting, and what in particular inspired you to go down this line of work?

I started around 5 years ago when I was 15/16 years old because of this old League of Legends Voicing Mod channel on YouTube. I have always been a gamer at heart, so somehow working in this industry was always my inspiration. It also helps that I am studying for Stage and Screen Acting right now at university, but voice work has always been my passion.

How do you decide on roles to apply for, and do you like to specialize your roles or have a wider range when searching?

I have a pretty large vocal range, but I typically just go for any characters I can comfortably voice. Some types of characters I voice the most are rough femme fatale and soft boyos.

Do you have any special warm-up techniques when getting ready for a recording session?

Since I do stage and screen stuff too as well as being a classically trained singer; I mainly use old singing warmups I was taught at a young age.

Is there a difference in the process for recording roles for anime compared to video games or is it relatively similar?

It usually is the same process, but with anime you have to match the tone and mouth motions of the original animation, but with a lot of video games you get to be more free!

As voice actors, have you ever been recognized while out and about with one of your character voices?

I am not as famous as the other voice actors in this game, but I have been recognised once at a convention I attended as a guest but mainly to help out my friend with her booth!

How has work-life changed in the last few years, what with various lockdowns, cancellations, delays, and people generally doing more work from home and some events going online only?

It was actually a good time for me! I am based in the UK which isn’t known for its Voice Acting scene, but when the whole world had to work from home, little me with my home studio got to apply and audition for things like Funimation / Crunchyroll anime which historically have been Texas only in studios. So with the pandemic I got to shove my foot through the door way more than I could ever from my home!

Regarding Eternal Return, was there anything specific about this game that drew you to it as a role? Was the process similar to your roles with other developers?

Being an avid player of this game, I was already playing when I first applied to be in this game (around Eva and Jenny release) But I just really enjoy this game’s art style and environment. THEN Karla came, and I knew I could voice her, thankfully all worked out and here we are…

Do you play many of the games that you voice roles in? Same question for show/movie roles.

Oh I absolutely try to! Eternal Return has been the first game I got cast in AFTER I was already playing the game. Watching shows that I’m in is a lot easier tho!

What is the secret handshake for finding one’s way in the door to start voice acting?

Haha! Honestly this one is hard to answer, but if anyone here is wanting to start voicing I would just say get a mic and start with fan stuff till you build up your skills. And REMEMBER voice acting is about the ACTING not the voice; so any sort of acting training you can get the better!

Q. What is your preferred platform of choice for gaming?

I like both PC gaming and also my Nintendo Switch! I’ve always been a PC gamer since I am a long-term League of Legends player but I’ve always enjoyed my Nintendo franchises!

MMO Fallout would like to thank Minh Ton for taking the time to answer our questions.

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