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Fallen Earth Is Dead, But May Return

Fallen Earth is celebrating its ten year anniversary with the announcement that the servers are coming down. It isn’t the way most companies want to celebrate their game growing old, but the unfortunate reality is that the game is just unsustainable in its current form. As Matt Scott, CEO of Little Orbit stated: I’m sad […]

GamersFirst Now Owned By Little Orbit

GamersFirst announced this week that it has been acquired by developer Little Orbit, with new CEO Matt Scott addressing the communities of APB and Fallen Earth to detail their plans for the future. “There’s been a lot of speculation over the last couple months about who would be crazy enough to take on this game. […]

MMOrning Shot: Driving In Style

Today’s MMOrning Shot comes from Fallen Earth, showing off the upcoming Vandal Hatchback vehicle. Players will be able to get their hands one one soon™. MMOrning Shots is a daily line of screenshots from various MMOs. Most are taken in-house or come to us in press releases, but if you would like your screenshot featured, […]

GamersFirst Takes A Hard Stance on Scrubs In Fallen Earth

Everyone hates scrubs in their video games, and while GamersFirst isn’t exactly sure what a “scrub” is, they have the power of Merriam Webster’s dictionary. In a post on Facebook, Tee Affo has announced a new dedication to removing scrubs, no matter their definition, from Fallen Earth. Tee Affo with a special report – We’ve […]

Gamersfirst Focusing On In-House IP, Some Titles To Transfer

Thankfully the news this week isn’t all bad. is reporting that Gamers First is restructuring in order to bring more focus on the company’s in-house IPs. As part of this move, a couple of titles are moving services, and the publisher announced that the contractors working on Fallen Earth have been removed in favor […]

Fallen Earth Free to Play Today

About an hour and a half ago, Fallen Earth came down to begin the process if integrating a new patch. On a less relevant note, today also marks the transition of Fallen Earth to free to play. GamersFirst predicts five hours of downtime, although players should anticipate heavy server load once the game comes back […]

More Fallen Earth Free To Play Information

GamersFirst has a good year ahead for it, with the upcoming transition of Fallen Earth to a free to play medium. In a recent dev blog, G1 goes over some information regarding what free players, subscribers, and past customers can expect when the game makes its official move on October 12th, and there is a […]

Analysing Fallen Earth Free To Play: October 12th

So GamersFirst have finally announced the launch date for Fallen Earth Free To Play: October 12th. That’s all you need to know, good night! But seriously, since the announcement is nowhere in the realm of new, aside from the date, let’s take a look at the breakdown in subscription tiers, shall we? Most prominently, free […]

Icarus/Gamersfirst Chatting on Ustream

A lot of people turned out to MMO Fallout today looking to see what the big announcement for Fallen Earth was, and now that I’m out of work I can tell you. In a ustream transmission today, Icarus Studios announced that Gamersfirst will be taking over Fallen Earth. I’ll wait for you to wipe the […]

Major Fallen Earth Announcement Coming May 31st

Fun fact: The announcement is not for content coinciding with the release of a Fallen Earth line of Lego minifigures and playsets, although those odds would be much higher were this the 1990’s. So what is the big major extraordinary amazing unannounced news? You’ll have to wait until Tuesday to find out. The Fallen Earth team has […]

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