Fallen Earth Actually Coming Back

And it’ll be free while the reboot happens.

Over seven years ago in the distant memory of the world that existed in 2019, Fallen Earth shut down. But temporarily. Given how broken the game was, it only made sense for Little Orbit to bring it down for a while and rejig it to get things working again. Since then the world has shut down roughly twice and Little Orbit’s other title All Points Bulletin has been having some setbacks with its engine upgrades. All in all, production on Fallen Earth’s relaunch hasn’t been what anyone would call “speedy.”

The good news is that a version of Fallen Earth classic has been confirmed for a relaunch soon.

While┬áI should have posted that here to begin with, I am happy to confirm that “Fallen Earth Classic” is going to be a real thing. We are now at the very late stages of getting the servers back online, and as some of you on Discord have noticed, parts of the game are responding again. There will be an announcement soon on the day of launch, but before that goes out, I want to raise a couple discussion points here to set expectations properly.

Even better, since this is a temporary relaunch of the original version, Little Orbit has no plans to monetize it period.

For various reasons, I don’t want to monetize this version of the game. It is truly free-to-play (refer back to #1 above). I’m going to look at turning on the highest level subscription rewards for everyone, but there wont be any ability to purchase anything from the online store.

Look forward to Fallen Earth Classic on a digital shelf near you soon and the actual launch of the Fallen Earth reboot at some point in the future.

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