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MMO Rant: Blade of Queen Is A Lie Built On Fraud

I have to assume that there is a template for Facebook games on the same level as those stock Unity games that get released on Steam by the dozens. These games populate Facebook, they advertise using fraudulent means, and they disappear as fast as they showed up. Their developers/publishers are all based in Hong Kong, […]

Divergence Online Pulled From Steam By Developer

Divergence Online is no longer available for purchase from Steam, with developer Ethan Casner pointing to harassment from Steam users as well as displeasure with how Valve is handling said reviews/comments. Casner points specifically to user reviews using offensive slurs, as well as attempts to dox the developer through the review/comment system. While the comments […]

League of Angels Only Wants 18+ Males

I don’t normally report on Facebook ads since most of you likely block them anyway and I could devote an entire book to how Chinese browser games engage in blatant fraud in Facebook ads either by outright lying about their games or going as far as using screenshots/video from other titles. And since League of Angels […]

Korea Halts Facebook Microtransactions

Way back in 2011, I talked about the Games Rating Board in South Korea, and how the government organization was investigating certain video games to determine whether or not the virtual lotteries were in violation of the country’s strict anti-gambling laws. Fast forward to 2014, and South Korean gamers woke up to find that many […]

Dino Storm Hit With DDoS Attacks

Here at MMO Fallout, we have no patience for hackers or script kiddies, especially considering their motivations are more often than not for either craps and giggles or for malicious reasons (identity theft). The folks behind Dino Storm have spent the better part of the last twenty four hours fighting off a distributed denial of […]

Electronic Arts Shutting Down Several Facebook Games

It looks like the lawsuit between Electronic Arts and Zynga over whether or not The Ville copied Sims Social was for naught, as today EA announced that a small selection of their Facebook titles will be shut down on June 14th. The shutdown comes in response to dwindling population numbers in all three games, and EA […]

GamersFirst Takes A Hard Stance on Scrubs In Fallen Earth

Everyone hates scrubs in their video games, and while GamersFirst isn’t exactly sure what a “scrub” is, they have the power of Merriam Webster’s dictionary. In a post on Facebook, Tee Affo has announced a new dedication to removing scrubs, no matter their definition, from Fallen Earth. Tee Affo with a special report – We’ve […]

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