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Beta Perspective: OldSchool RuneScape Mobile Weirdness

As MMO Fallout’s official only staffer and the internet’s number one games journalist, I’ve seen a lot. Betas, alphas, pre-alphas, day one patches, you name it. Last year I reviewed to rather poor reception the pre-release build of Shadow of War, and while the preview was condemned as “tone deaf” and “stupid,” I came out […]

[Video] 11,000 Penguins Fight 4,000 Santa Clauses For Science

Epic Battle Simulator is an upcoming game that allows you to simulate epic battles, in case the name wasn’t obvious enough for you. To showcase their new rendering system, the crew stuck 11,000 penguins against 4,000 Santa Clauses. The results? Not many presents going out on Christmas this year, but the strong possibility of another […]

Hi-Rez Studios Announces $150,000 Paladins Tournament

Paladins has had a massive response, and Hi-Rez Studios has wasted no time in announcing the first major tournament with a grand prize that could only be described as…grand. Teams from Brazil, North America, Europe, Latin America, Australia/New Zealand, and China will all compete over $150 grand from January 5th through the 8th, with 8 […]

[Humor] Broadsword Games Plagiarizes Sony’s Terms of Service

It isn’t too unsurprising to see a smaller game developer plagiarize a larger company’s legal agreements, but it is hilarious when they forget to take out key words such as the company’s name. MMO Fallout has been covering these incidences since way back in 2010 with Quest Online stealing the fourth pillar speech from Bioware, […]

Square Enix Saves A Ton On Its Taxes

Square Enix has announced that it expects to save 5.2 billion yen in total income taxes on its consolidated and non-consolidated statements of income for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2016. In layman’s terms, the company is going to save a lot on its taxes. The actual figures will be announced when Square Enix […]

Divergence Online Graphics Settings Are, Well, Smedley

I’ve written quite a bit in the past about how indie developers are indie because they aren’t corporate, and it would be unrealistic in many respects to expect the same level of emotionless professionalism that you might find out of a business with a PR department. Case in point: Divergence Online. Creator Ethan Casner is […]

League of Angels Only Wants 18+ Males

I don’t normally report on Facebook ads since most of you likely block them anyway and I could devote an entire book to how Chinese browser games engage in blatant fraud in Facebook ads either by outright lying about their games or going as far as using screenshots/video from other titles. And since League of Angels […]

Neverwinter’s Founder Pack Valued $25 Million Yearly

It all makes sense.

Picture of the ____: The Old Republic /breakdown

Leave it up to the internet to find even more humor in an already humorous bug. In The Old Republic, players discovered that using the emote /getdown causes your enemies to be unable to target you properly. Bioware has stated that no one has been banned or warned for this, so dance to your heart’s […]

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