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Marvel Future Fight Celebrates 4 Years, 100 Million Downloads

Today’s infographic comes to us from Marvel Future Fight, currently celebrating 100 million downloads worldwide. Future Fight is celebrating its fourth anniversary with a slew of events including an 8 week login event, comics cards, character voting events, and other miscellaneous activities. Check out the infographic below and check out Marvel’s Future Fight on iOS […]

Red Dead Redemption 2 Infographic

The above infographic was sent over to us by Enlightened Digital, and contains some fun facts about Red Dead Redemption 2. Rockstar decided to integrate a more advanced artificial intelligence into RDR2, one that responds to the player based on a number of context clues, allowing every interaction to be unique from the next. This […]

Fig Claims 4 of Top 10 Crowdfunded Games In 2016

When I say that Fig carries four of the top 10 funded games in 2016, your answer is probably “of course, they curate the list of games they put up.” As someone who previously had doubt about Fig as a crowdfunding platform, I’m happy to see that the service is apparently finding its footing. Boasting […]

Webzen Releases MU Legend Infographic

The first MU Legend beta test is over and, according to an infographic sent out by Webzen, it was a rousing success. Players put in a combined play time of 154 years, visiting over a million dungeons and farming more than three million levels. The second beta test is set to run in 2017, adding […]

Neverwinter Welcomes 1.6 Million On Xbox One

Perfect World Entertainment has revealed that more than 1.6 million people have played Neverwinter on the Xbox One. Since its launch over a month ago, more than 1.6 million players have created 2.3 million avatars of which 92 thousand have reached the level cap. You can see the important figures in a handy infographic released […]

Ghost Recon Phantoms Infographic

Neverwinter Infographic

Perfect World Entertainment has sent us over an infographic on Neverwinter since the launch of Shadowmantle. Over 2.2 million characters have been created and 3.5 million have died in PvP battles. Check out the entire infographic below.

MMOrning Shots: Aion Infographic

Today’s MMOrning Shot comes to us from Aion, where Gameforge and NCSoft have tossed together an infographic detailing the two year anniversary of the game’s transition to free to play. With over seven million characters created with a combined play time of sixty six thousand years, Aion’s most popular class is the Gladiator and Sorcerer. […]

Infographic: Russian Digital Game Market

Infographic courtesy of SuperData Research.

Planetside 2 Infographic

  The Planetside 2 infographic is corny and probably inaccurate. I wouldn’t know, I’m too busy going through my formal attire.

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