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Hi-Rez Community Specialist Among 21 Arrested In Child Sex Sting

The Super Bowl brought may have disappointed the internet with its lack of Spongebob memes, but officers with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation have reason to celebrate as they announced more than twenty arrests in an undercover sting ending on Sunday. The investigation, dubbed Operation Interception, identified a number of suspects attempting to solicit a […]

Watch Paladins On Mixer, Get Rewards

Hi-Rez Studios wants you to play Paladins, but they would also like you to watch Paladins. This month, Hi-Rez launched the Mixer store in Paladins that incentivizes players to watch game streams for rewards. By linking your Mixer account and watching Paladins streams, you’ll receive coins that can be redeemed for skins and other cosmetics. […]

Hi-Rez To Roll Back Card Unbound

Hi-Rez Studios this week announced that the controversial, albeit apparently successful, Cards Unbound updated will be removed from Paladins over the next major release cycle. Cards Unbound is a controversial update that changed the way that cards (which can affect power) are collected. The update was criticized by long-term players who saw the update as […]

Hi-Rez Studios Announces $150,000 Paladins Tournament

Paladins has had a massive response, and Hi-Rez Studios has wasted no time in announcing the first major tournament with a grand prize that could only be described as…grand. Teams from Brazil, North America, Europe, Latin America, Australia/New Zealand, and China will all compete over $150 grand from January 5th through the 8th, with 8 […]

Tribes: Ascend Update Undoes All Purchases

Hi-Rez Studios recently surprised its community with the announcement that Tribes Ascend would be once again receiving the love and, more importantly, updates that had been denied to it ever since support for the title was dropped back in 2013. The Out of the Blue update, or ‘It’s About F*cking Time,” as it has also […]

Tribes Ascend “Break Even At Best,” Mod Tools Unlikely

Erez Goren has posted a letter to the community on the Smite Subreddit/official forum to clear up the “misinformed conclusions” that customers might come to if they look at Hi-Rez’s development history. In case you haven’t been following Hi-Rez Studios, their first game Global Agenda was a major financial loss and Tribes: Ascend, as Hi-Rez’s […]

Who Needs Proper Forums? Hi-Rez Has Reddit

I know what you’re thinking: “Omali, forums are for casuals. Hardcore developers prefer to use social networking sites who risk suddenly becoming irrelevant and unpopular.” I know this because that message is tied to a rock and thrown through my bedroom window once or twice a week (email is for casuals). Luckily, Hi-Rez has a […]

[SMITE] New Single Purchase, All Gods

Hi-Rez Studios is one of my favorite companies when it comes to the ease of free to play. Earlier this month we saw a Game of the Year edition of Tribes: Ascend release containing all of the weapon, class, and perk unlocks for one price. Following in that model, Hi-Rez has announced a single purchase […]

Get All Of Tribes: Ascend With A Single Purchase

Tribes Ascend is enjoying all of the benefits of Hi-Rez Studios’ continued efforts to tweak its free to play model, ensuring that players have access to all of the game content but those that are willing to pay for it aren’t being nickle and dime’d. In response to player feedback, Hi-Rez has announced an upcoming […]

SMITE Ultimate God Pack Giveaway And 400 Gems

<b>Entrance is over. The winners shall be revealed in the morning.</b> Through the power of the internet, I am very happy to present a luck two of you with some great prizes. SMITE is currently in closed beta, and you can grab a closed beta key from our free stuff page here [keys are out] (as […]

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