Fallen Earth Is Back Online Right Now

Ho-Lee Guac!

It feels like just yesterday we were talking about Fallen Earth rebooting its servers. It was three days ago, but it feels like yesterday. I don’t think we were quite expecting that Little Orbit would turn the servers on so soon, but Fallen Earth is officially back man. Awesome.

The version that exists is the one that shut down two years ago and not the rekindled version coming out at some point in the future. So expect all of the problems that existed previously to still be here now. It is however great for those who just missed the game and want a reason to dive back in. You might want to anticipate that your progress won’t move over to the rebooted version.

The version of Fallen Earth launching today won’t have any monetization in it, as Little Orbit doesn’t want people thinking they’re just trying to make some extra cash off of this relaunch. The Steam version isn’t up, and Little Orbit CEO Matt Scott has stated he will look into turning on the boosts that subscribers used to receive for all players.

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