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APB: Reloaded Implements New Premium Payments, With Auto-Renew!

Gamersfirst this week announced that players will finally be able to subscribe to the game’s premium service and have their subscription automatically renew every month. Through its payment provider Stripe, players can automatically subscribe to one month ($7.99), three month ($18.39) and six month ($26.36) plans that will automatically renew without needing you to manually […]

GamersFirst Now Owned By Little Orbit

GamersFirst announced this week that it has been acquired by developer Little Orbit, with new CEO Matt Scott addressing the communities of APB and Fallen Earth to detail their plans for the future. “There’s been a lot of speculation over the last couple months about who would be crazy enough to take on this game. […]

Top MMOs That Need To Come To Consoles

The current generation of consoles have played host to a major surge in massively multiplayer games, with new titles releasing and being announced every month. To date, console gamers can enjoy titles like DC Universe, Planetside 2, Neverwinter, Final Fantasy XIV, Elder Scrolls Online, and more. With Star Trek Online recently announced for both Xbox […]

MMOrning Shots: All Points Bulletin

Today’s MMOrning Shot comes to us from All Points Bulletin, a piece of artwork sent out to the press way back in 2005. Fun fact: Realtime Worlds imposed an embargo on reviews that lasted one week after the launch of the game. They told us that the reasoning was so we could experience the full effect […]

APB Reloaded Unleashes Chaos Mode

Chaos has descended upon San Paro! Reloaded Productions has launched the prototype of Chaos Mode, a new game mode for APB: Reloaded that pits law vs chaos in a battle to the death. Currently in testing from May 30th through June 6th, Chaos Mode does not contain the contacts that you are generally used to […]

APB Details Upcoming Spawn System Changes

Ever since Reloaded Productions took over All Points Bulletin and relaunched it as APB: Reloaded, the team has been hard at work addressing reverences from the community, whether related to driving, threat systems, lag, and now the spawn system apparently. In a recent blog posting, the APB team discusses the current manner in which players […]

Reloaded Productions Overhauls APB Threat System

You have to stand in awe at how much Reloaded Productions has done with All Points Bulletin since they took over the property just a few short years ago. With the release of version 1.11.0 today, players in APB will find that the manner in which they gain or lose threat will be much different […]

Reloaded Games Absorbed Into Gamersfirst Hive Mind

Gamersfirst has quite a record of their library being filled with one of the two: dying MMORPGs and Korean MMORPGs, or any combination of the two. In May, Gamersfirst announced that the company was restructuring to focus more on in-house developed games rather than the usual library of Korean cookie-cutter titles. As a result, War […]

G1 To Cheaters: Don’t F-Up Your Last Chance

The Gamersfirst team working on All Points Bulletin quickly became my best friend thanks to their method of not merely banning cheaters but publicly humiliating them. In a dev blog update yesterday, Bjorn continued the approach of calming the crowd by reassuring that the team is indeed fighting aimbots. Recently, Gamersfirst was able to perform […]

Gamersfirst Unleashes Brawndo: Lag Mutilator

BRAWNDO’S GOT WHAT PLAYERS CRAVE! Brawndo’s got electrolytes. And that’s what players crave. They crave electrolytes. Which players crave. they crave electrolytes. Which is what Brawndo has. And that’s why players crave Brawndo. Not water, like from the toilet. Good news, All Points Bulletin fans. In the latest APB dev blog, Gamersfirst is proud to […]

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