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Heroes In The Sky Shutting Down

  Gamigo has announced that their air combat MMO Heroes in the Sky will be shut down on December 3rd. Gamigo customers should have received a notice from the publisher with details on how they can transfer their accounts to the new host, GameUs. We regret having to inform you that the service of Heroes […]

Jagged Alliance Online Now On Steam

As previously announced, Jagged Alliance Online is now available for download and play on Steam. The free to play MMO was originally launched on browsers via Gamigo’s game portal, and is expanding its visibility to the Steam community. The game weighs in at a rather light two gigabytes of storage space and recommends a 2.4ghz […]

Grimlands Cancels Kickstarter, But Has Funding

Grimlands has had a rocky life, and the game hasn’t even been released yet! Those of you who read our coverage of games still in development will know that Grimlands had its development shuttered by Gamigo, who are in the process of transitioning to solely publishing games rather than attempting to develop them in-house. The […]

Gamigo Shutting Down Grimlands Development

Gamigo’s upcoming MMO shooter Grimlands has announced that it is setting development. In a news post on the game’s website today, Gamigo has revealed that Grimlands is the unfortunate victim of a shift in company focus, with less priority placed on high-risk and in-house developed projects, and putting more focus on publishing games. The announcement […]

RealU Lays Off Most Staff, Gamigo Seeks New Developer

Otherland is an upcoming MMO based on the book series of the same name, written by Tad Williams. The game is being developed by RealU, and published by Gamigo. At least it was, recent rumors that RealU has laid off most of its staff were confirmed by a Community Manager over at the Otherland official […]

Gamigo Absorbs Outspark, Continues Running Fiesta Online

Outspark was established in 2006 in San Francisco, California, and is most well known for the publishing of several anime-style MMORPGS imported from Korea. The game Secrets of the Solstice was shut down without any explanation or notice. Their other MMO, a Maplestory style game called Wind Slayer, was shut down in August 2011. Sadly, […]

Doing Shots: Black Prophecy

I am not the kind of person who dwells on the past, which is why I spend a lot of time looking at screenshots of games that I used to play that have since shut down. Black Prophecy no doubt required more advertising than it received. It wasn’t a bad game and you can see […]

Gamigo’s New Owner Should Focus On Advertising

Pop quiz: Why would a newspaper publisher have interest in an MMO developer? That is rhetorical, I can’t give an honest answer either. Regardless, back in 2008, for some reason newspaper publisher Axelrod Springer AG purchased the majority stake in Gamigo. Since then Gamigo has published some very high quality games, from Jagged Alliance Online […]

Black Prophecy Shutting Down In September

I find myself asking this question a lot: Why does everything I love die? Black Prophecy is easily one of Gamigo’s most impressive looking titles, not to mention a unique player in its own right. Launched last year, Black Prophecy is a sci-fi MMO similar to Eve Online but with a more action-oriented control scheme […]

Black Prophecy’s Future In Question

Black Prophecy exploded on to Gamigo’s library of titles as one of the best looking MMOs on the market, even more surprising when you look at the free to play model. The game has been praised for its high production quality and customization, but rather criticized for lack of variety in quests and poor server […]

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