Hotcakes: With Rift, We Are Truly The April Fool

Shockingly the update has been delayed.

It is April Fool’s Day and the first day of the second fiscal quarter, and you know what that means; it’s time for Gamigo to give us nonspecific comments about the big Q1 Rift update we were promised five months ago. I have to assume parts of this press release were written weeks ago, as despite publishing on April 1, the first paragraph refers to the first quarter as “quickly coming to an end.”

As we all know, a comment was made about a “great update” coming to Rift in “Q1”. With Q1 quickly coming to an end, we feel the need to share some things with you; so, you will all be aware where we, and the game, stand at this time.

Bruh, Q1 ended already. As we pointed out several times, Q1’s “great update” isn’t coming out in Q1. It’s probably not even coming out in Q2. The notes go on to say that Rift’s next patch is coming in April. You’ll note that they’re not referring to this as the great update. Because it isn’t. Instead Gamigo decided to point to all the content that will be handily recycled for this upcoming patch.

With that out of the way, we want to share some uplifting news. We would like to inform you that our great team of developers are working on the next patch coming in April. So far, they gave you a small taste of what they can do with the new quests during the Hellbug CTA. But that is not all, they have also added a host of new quests to the Budgie CTA as well as some reskinned mounts and wings to add to your vast collections of both!

The Carnival is coming back too for Rift’s eleventh anniversary. You know, the one Gamigo waited until a month after the fact to acknowledge. By the way, Gamigo still hasn’t really commented on the recent layoffs and downplayed it by only referring to one person who was laid off, the community manager of Rift.

This April the real fool are the people still holding out hope that Gamigo might treat Rift as something other than a wet rag to be lazily wrung of whatever money is still left in the player base.

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