Rant: Despite Massive Revenues, Gamigo Wants Unpaid Labor

Offers volunteer positions for Fractured Online mods.

Gamigo’s owner Media & Games Invest is raking in the dough. Like “get Uncle Scrooge’s pool and throw it away because it’s too small” levels of moolah. Gloating about its 80% increase to 252 million Euro in 2021 kind of money. But what good is that money if you use it to pay employees? Not good at all.

Fractured Online is Gamigo’s latest publishing acquisition, and what the company would like more than anything is to exploit the loyalty of fans for free labor. The company put out a call this week for people looking to be part of a moderator team, invest their time and resources, synergize with a team, provide translation support, act as QA, work on the clock, run events, moderate the community, and more. And what do you get for your labor? Absolutely nothing. Jack squat. Not even a hunk of cheap swag or a copy of the game. Probably barely even a thank you.

And I’d also like to point out that Gamigo’s promise that this program is “the first step in the door to get into the industry,” that they are completely full of it. Not even ignorance or incompetence, they are maliciously lying when they make this claim and they know what they are saying is the bold faced garbage of a rat-faced liar. It is however a great lesson in learning about the kind of nonsense and false promises that shady parties like Gamigo and Dynamight Studios will enthusiastically vomit out at overly-trusting young’uns to convince them to do the kind of job you’d normally get a paycheck for, for absolutely no reimbursement. Don’t work for well-financed conglomerates for “exposure.”

It’s disgustingly predatory and honestly should be illegal. Jacopo Gallelli (CEO of Dynamight) should be ashamed and embarrassed that his company and game are sourcing free labor from their most loyal customers, especially considering these people are already paying you out of their own pockets just to access the game. Gamigo isn’t an indie dev that can’t afford to bring on some part time workers to handle the jobs it wants unpaid volunteers to do. They’re just going to do it anyway because as we’ve seen before Gamigo and honesty go together like pizza and fetid bathwater.

Don’t believe the bullcrap about this being the first step in the door, it’s a predatory claim from a predatory company. Your volunteer position with Fractured Online won’t get you a foot in to the gaming industry. It won’t get you a management position at Little Caesars. Shit, it won’t even get you a foot in the door to Gamigo who would never consider offering a paycheck to someone eager to do work for them for free. Best case scenario is you get run into the ground at the cost of your mental and physical health before Gamigo slashes the program and tells everyone to go home.

Don’t believe the lies. Don’t believe the promises. Don’t work for exposure. Don’t offer your labor for free. And you know what? Don’t support the companies that utilize those predatory practices. And yes, I’m aware that Gamigo does this in a few of their other games and it’s nothing new. It’s unacceptable there, and it’s unacceptable here. Especially when your PR team is kicking down my door with quarterly emails about how much extra money they have and how much spending cash you’ve acquired for the coffers. Last December MGI spent somewhere in the realm of $28 million for 8% interest in Daybreak. They can goddamn well spend some pocket change to get moderators on staff.

Otherwise I have no opinion on the matter.

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