Elyon’s Battle Pass Is Very Utilitarian

Checking out Elyon’s battle pass.

Elyon might have the most utilitarian battle pass that I’ve ever seen come out of a game and I’m not sure how to view that. As someone who isn’t wholly invested in the title, I also couldn’t explain how valuable the pass is given its length of availability plus the price plus the sheer variety of stuff you’d get out of it. It’s not as simple as pointing to a $10 Fortnite battle pass and showing how many cosmetics the player gets.

There’s also the factor that Elyon doesn’t exactly have a vibrant community, so I couldn’t really find anyone talking about the pass and analyzing its value. What I can say is that the pass costs 2,200 rubies and runs from the first of the month to the end of the month, changing presumably every month. That’s $22 USD for those keeping track at home. There is the mandatory free track that, shockingly, has rewards for every level.

I suppose the positive side is that the pass doesn’t take much time at all to level. The kind of people who are going to plunk down $22 on a pass like this will probably complete it pretty quickly. Non-consecutively of course, there’s a limit of what appears to be three levels per day and 18 levels per week. But as someone who has been nonchalantly meandering through the game over the course of a couple of hours, I’ve already finished five levels in the first three days. At 40 levels total, you can nearly max it out with the two week limit.

I assume each level remains at 1,000 points per level through the pass. You get 100 points for every hour played, 100 per quest letter consumed, 100 points per 5-player dungeon, 200 for clearing a raid, and 100 for completing a battlefield. Quest letter missions take no time at all and most consume two quest letters. At that rate, you can pretty much fart and the game will give you progress toward the pass.

Rewards for the Elyon pass are very utilitarian, as I already said. A lot of the rewards revolve around gear upgrade materials, buffs for Luminus battles, and experience boosts. There are a lot of safe enhancement tools in the pass, given Elyon runs on the whole percent chance to upgrade or destroy your gear system common in free to play games. There’s also a fair number of inventory/storage expansion rewards.

Overall this pass seems like a not-at-all-veiled attempt at milking the remaining hardcore player base before Elyon kicks the bucket. With each region merging down to one server this month and Steam numbers falling off 92% over the last three months, I find it hard to believe we’ll still be talking about this game in 2024. Or 2023 for that matter.

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