Element Quest Online Sunsets After 70 Days

Promises to return.

Element Quest Online shut down today, and if your first comment is “I didn’t know this game existed,” you’ve just explained why the servers have closed their doors. The title launched on November 24 into early access.

In a post on the official Steam page, the folks at XPloria believed that customers would simply look past the game’s flaws, an assumption that did not come to fruition. The developer also blames their attempt to target a wide audience, poor translation, and not syncing the press with the release, among other things.

We initially thought players would see beyond the game’s early-state flaws and believe in its potential and future but alas players see it and treat it like a full complete and paid-for product. We tried to target the widest audience, neglecting some of the game’s initial quality by doing so. By providing google-translate localization to other languages, we thought non-English speakers would have the opportunity to try out and understand a game that is, in any case, short on sentences. We did plan to eventually cover the basic translation with human-made translation, at least for the countries that play EQ the most.

Early negative reviews led to a demoralized team, and coupled with the lack of revenue the game is going offline for the foreseeable future.

Hopefully, the game will return back to service in the near future.
With a better gameplay experience, a smaller target audience, no localization, maybe under a different name.

SteamDB charts show the game peaking at 30 players two months ago with that number falling under 20 by December. The last week has peaked at two concurrent users. Reviews praised the lack of pay to win mechanics but heavily criticized the game for not having content for solo players.

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