Heroes & Generals Is Also Shutting Down, Folks

To bring the weekend to a close.

Heroes & Generals joins the cabal of titles from over the last week to announce its sunset. When? I don’t know. Neither does developer Reto Moto. According to an announcement on the official website, while the date of sunset hasn’t been determined, it will probably be within six months.

The Heroes & Generals team is determining the exact shut down date for Heroes & Generals: WWII, but expectations are within 6 months from this announcement.

But fret not, as the company is working on Heroes & Generals 2 to be released on Unreal engine. Following a Kickstarter campaign. It’s almost hard to believe Heroes & Generals has been out for over six years. The news comes on the heels of the merger between Reto Moto and TLM Partners.

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