FYI, HAWKED Is Playtesting This Weekend

Until February 5.

HAWKED is the latest PvPvE extraction game in the works, and this weekend you can jump in for free and check out the closed alpha. All you have to do is head over to the Steam page and click “request access.” The alpha runs until 10:00 CET on February 5 and includes the tutorial and squad mode.

The goal of Closed Alpha Tests is to show you the ropes in HAWKED via the Tutorial, get you familiar with the game and its world, and also nail down more areas for improvement. Your help is crucial in helping us improve the game and make it an overall great experience. Drop your feedback on Discord (DM any Community Manager to receive a role and access to a specific channel) and fill out the in-game survey prompts to let us know what you think!

Check it out.

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