Fortnite: Easy Way To Scan Players

Fortnite’s more annoying quest.

This last week Fortnite added more Oathbound quests, and one quest in the series might be the most annoying one I’ve dealt with in quite a while. The penultimate quest of those available so far tasks the player with scanning players using the falcon scout and collecting the schematics they drop. It sounds annoying, it can be a pain in the ass to complete.

Because what you have to do is get within proximity to other players, scan them while your body is completely vulnerable somewhere nearby, and then go pick up the schematic they drop. While I won’t claim this is the “easiest” way to complete the challenge, it is how I eventually pulled it off.

What I did was to drop northeast of Breakwater Bay in the northwest corner of the map, where there is an oathbound chest that appears much of the time. This is an easy spot to get the falcon scout.

The next step is to hightail it to Breakwater Bay, because this is where a bunch of bots spawn every round. You’ll probably get 5+ bots that will take forever to shoot each other assuming no players also join that area. You’ll have plenty of time to get your falcon scout and head south, find a spot at the docks to the north of Breakwater, and flag an enemy.

And with the bots populating the area you probably won’t have to worry about some tryhard sniping you as you go to grab your schematic.

If you have a better idea for completing this task, tell me in the comments.

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