How To Unlock Geralt In Fortnite

Play the Fortfite.

Everyone’s favorite Henry Cavill cosplayer has finally joined in Fortnite, and you know what that means. More challenges. There are a handful of cosmetic quests unlocked this week that will net you an emote, spray, background, and a few goodies for your characters.

The ultimate goal of course is to unlock Geralt himself with week 2’s list of challenges likely unlocking a fancier version of Geralt.

The challenges this week are a mixture of easy and more difficult, and you’ll need to complete all of them for the big prize.

  • Activate augments in 5 different matches
  • Complete 3 bounties
  • Defeat a boss
  • Emote in the Citadel throne room
  • Deal melee weapon damage to opponents

Meanwhile if you are looking for an injection of cold experience, the weekly quests have updated with “Slurp On Ice” challenges, offering a bundle of experience.

Good luck!

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