Square Enix Abandons Yet Another Game

Echoes of Mana announces sunset.

Square Enix is on a roll, and not a good one. We’ve been covering the multitude of failed live service games that Square Enix has been shutting down over the past couple of months, noting that most of them have been running for less than two years if not less than even a full year of service, and there’s another name to add to the pile. Echoes of Mana announced this week it will be shutting down on May 15.

With a launch of April 27, 2022, this means Square Enix couldn’t keep the game running for more than 10 months before deciding to throw the game, and its players along with their expenditures, out.

From the Echoes of Mana Production Team, we apologize for the abrupt announcement but are sincerely grateful for the support we’ve received from our players. Since Echoes of Mana’s launch on April 27, 2022, we’ve strived to provide an incredible and enjoyable gaming experience for our players every day that could exceed the day before. However, we’ve come to the conclusion that it would be difficult to continue maintaining the app experience, and to therefore end the app service.

Translation: No refunds.

Echoes of Mana joins Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier, Dragon Quest Mobile, Bravely Default Mobile, and a number of other Square Enix games to sunset after a relatively short lifespan. The message here? Don’t buy Square Enix games that rely on active servers unless that game is called Final Fantasy XI or XIV.

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