Dark and Darker Extends Playtest

Until February 16.

Dark and Darker is officially getting darker, for just a few more days. Originally intended to end on February 13, the folks at Ironmace announced that the latest playtest will be extended to February 16. This is due to the extended problems the game faced during its latest playtest.

So you still have a few more days to stab strangers in the head in a dungeon. Dark and Darker is the latest in the line of extraction style games. Its playtests have been a huge hit with the latest cracking over 100,000 concurrent users.

Due to the earlier downtime with the trading post, matchmaking, and lost playtime for players that were falsely banned, we have decided to extend the playtest until Feb 16. We also plan to use the time to address issues that are inconveniencing players and to continuously improve the game. Unfortunately, we will not be splitting the leaderboard into 2 splits like the previous playtest. Thank you for your understanding and we hope to see you in the dungeons for a few more days!

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