RuneScape Adds Fort Forinthry

New time sink.

Jamflex has added a big update to RuneScape this week in the form of Forth Forinthry, one of many hubs where players can build it from the ground up and make it their own. The update is the beginning of a new story line in RuneScape. The gods have been banished from the world and civilization is beginning to creep back into the Wilderness. Can you place the groundwork that will eventually alter RuneScape’s map forever?

Of course you can.

Fort Forinthry right now offers four buildings for players to build up over time. You’ll also need to go out and recruit people to help out in your new fort. The fort offers a new place to train your skills, interact with other RuneScape activities like your player owned ports, and more. The fort also introduces rested experience to RuneScape.

More details at the official website.

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