Heroes & Generals Is Officially Dead Now

Servers are offline.

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CapitalGamingRP To Shut Down

Beleaguered developer to close its doors.

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Battleborn Officially Dead, Servers Offline

Servers shut off January 31.

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Royal Quest Shuts Down US Servers, Leaves Steam

MMO can only be found on launcher.

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GameStop Thinks It Is Essential Retail To Stay Open During Lockdowns

Hey that Animal Crossing is important.

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Lord of the Rings Online Server Mergers Coming


As part of Turbine’s list of updates going live this summer, Lord of the Rings Online will see a number of worlds shuttered with players given the opportunity to transfer their characters and guilds. Updates to the data centers will allow character transfers from inside the game client rather than on the website, as well as supporting Kins disbanding on one server and reforming on another with their status and achievements intact.

You will have 3 months past the date of the launch of the new service in which to continue playing on the smaller worlds while planning and or making your move to a larger server. After that point your characters will always be available to be transferred to one of the remaining worlds, however you will only be able to log in to the remaining servers. More details on all of this as well as detailed instructions on how to move will be provided in email, in-game mail as well as website and forums in the months to come.

More information is set to come in the following months.

(Source: LOTRO)

Dynasty Warriors Online Shutting Down


Dynasty Warriors Online is the MMO adaptation of the long running hack and slash, and if you didn’t know it existed, well you understand why it is shutting down. Aeria Games posted a notice that the servers will close on January 10th, at around 8pm eastern. Any AP spent from today onward will be rebated back to the player’s account.

We know and understand this is both sad and frustrating. The closure of a game is always hardest for us at Aeria as we recognize the community’s dedication towards the game but regrettably games can’t last forever. We know it’s the community that matters most and we genuinely hope everyone gets to spend some quality time playing the game together with friends before it’s time to say goodbye.

Is it too late to ask for a Gundam Dynasty Warriors MMO?

(Source: Dynasty Warriors Online)

Archlord Shutting Down In January


Archlord is one of those games whose history I have found difficult to track. This MMO began under Codemasters way back in 2005, launching to pretty low reviews before it went free to play and ultimately shut down in 2009. Webzen, who published Archlord in other territories, took on the role of global publisher. At one point, Webzen started talking about something called Archlord X, which according to this rather poorly translated Facebook notice from September 2012, has ceased development.

Thank you for waiting for release of Archlord X. We notice that all Archlord X contents containing various quest, enhanced battle system and efficient user interface will be applied to Archlord’s major expansion on September. We believe that qualified contents from Archlord X, which was used to enhance Archlord contents, will offer you exciting game environment. Please come to Archlord to enjoy Archlord X contents.

Sadly, Archlord itself will be shutting down January 1st, likely in preparation for the launch of Archlord 2. Compensation packages have not been finalized, and Webzen has promised more details in the coming weeks.

On August of 2009, Webzen.com was thrilled to release Archlord globally. Since official launch, we have been working hard to build a strong community and gaming environment through new content updates and various events. Unfortunately, we have come to a difficult decision to end this long journey we have enjoyed and cherished together. We understand that this will disappoint many of our players.

(Source: Archlord)

Top Warning Signs Your MMO Is In Trouble

Part of MMO Fallout deals with the harsh reality of the current market: There are too many MMOs currently competing for players, and even more hit the market each day. For every MMO that dies here at MMO Fallout, another three or four take its place! Considering that MMOs are still releasing under the $50-60 client bracket, and with the increasing amount of free to play titles on the market, there is an overwhelming demand to know whether or not an MMO is worth investing in.

That being said, life expectancy can be very difficult to measure, especially before launch. Below I have a few items that should not be taken as exact, but rather observations of past trends that generally hold true.

1. Hacking Off Limbs Before Birth

This is a very important factor. Keep an eye on your MMO of choice and see if the developer starts discussing features that were planned for launch and had to be “suspended” due to budget restraints, but will be included later on once more funding comes in in the form of boxes and subscriptions. I’m not talking about easy to implement features like Looking For Group tools or cosmetic slots. I mean features that were once major parts of the game’s advertising, like Warhammer Online where each race would have its own living, breathing city. That announcement was in 2008, would anyone like to put money on Mythic ever releasing those cities?

If you see a game being advertised as releasing bare bones with no specific details for release, you can probably expect to see the cut features sometime in the year two thousand and never. Assuming of course the game doesn’t pull a Warhammer Online and go into maintenance mode quickly after launch. If your MMO exhibits these signs before launch, you might want to keep your friends close and your wallets closer.

2. How Many Times Has It Shut Down?

Market viability is very important when determining…well, market viability, and MMOs are like psychotic murderers: Once they’ve tasted blood, they can’t stop. So ask yourself before you make a purchase: Has this game killed a company?

Let’s take a look back, shall we? Perpetual Entertainment died with Star Trek Online and Gods & Heroes still in the oven. Star Trek Online went on to become a horrendously rushed release due to a licensing agreement and Gods & Heroes went on to pull in one of the smallest launches in MMO history. Flagship Studios died after Hellgate London and Mythos, the former spending a few years touring Asia while the latter went on to be picked up by Hanbitsoft where it was shut down in Europe under Frogster and eventually launched as a global edition.

There are plenty more to bring up, including All Points Bulletin killing Realtime Worlds, or Earth Eternal being shut down more times than I can count, but you should exercise caution around any game that has previously been shut down: Especially if the prior company went bankrupt.

3. Is The Developer A Known Face?

I apologize in advance to my dear friends in the independent field who will hate me for saying this: I love indie-gaming. I hate indie-MMO developers. Don’t get me wrong, your developers have a great big vision for the future where you can not only take a chunk of sand and turn it into a sword, but you can also use that sword to commit murder and theft. Assuming that the sand is ever fully implemented.

In order to buy into an indie-MMO, you need zen-like patience. The development team might be completely new to the genre, having never developed an MMO or even a full retail game for that matter. You should expect major features to be cut and not implemented for a good year or two, and for development to be slow and sloppy. If video games are an art, buying an indie MMO is not unlike buying a sculpture before it is completed, you assume the artist doesn’t die sometime in the process.

So, although it guarantees that the MMO will be delayed further, possibly by years, I have always suggested that my indie-developer friends create a game and release it first. It gives the developer credibility in the marketplace, not to mention extra cash in the bank, not to mention a successful product makes them much more appealing to investors.

4. Time Spent Trashing the Competition

I’ve seen this marketing strategy fail time and time again, but publishers still have a habit of spending more time trashing the competition than they do talking about the benefits of their own game. Some of you may remember the Global Agenda “No Elves” campaign which focused on how people were sick of elves and magic and wanted shooting and headshots. Global Agenda was to be everything these games weren’t, which ultimately included the desire to pay a subscription for it, because Global Agenda lost its subscription not long after launch and eventually lost its cover price. This is just one example, but around 2007-2008 there were quite a few MMOs released under the “WoW killer” brand that released with major features broken or delayed.

And as far as upcoming MMOs go, I will include TERA in this with their “Are You An MMOFO?” campaign. While somewhat funny, the fact that Enmasse has started directly naming games (DC Universe, Lord of the Rings Online, World of Warcraft) as boring crap (my words, not theirs), has me worried that the developer is writing a check they have no ability to cash.

5. You Know Who Is Working On It

I’m referring to several different people, and you all know who I am talking about. For the sake of MMO Fallout, however, I cannot name them on this page as these people have a habit for threatening to sue me every time I mention them by name. But you all know who they are, the names who are either head of the pack or somewhere in the middle when everything seems to upend and your big ship suddenly goes the way of the Titanic.

This person, you may not personally know them, but they are well known to you. They seem to pop up everywhere bankruptcy and turmoil follow, the games they work on or lead are released unfinished with a priority on selling cash shop items rather than fixing the broken parts of the game, and when pressed to fix them responds with “well since it was broken no one plays that portion so we won’t work on it because not enough people play it.” To these men, hypocrisy knows no boundary, and integrity is just something you sprinkle on a nice lasagna.

One thing you can always expect out of this man is that he will flee the ship before it sinks. When he leaves, you can expect that the end approaches.

Warhammer Loses Another Server: Drakenwald Closing

As part of our ongoing efforts to maintain an active, competitive, and engaging experience in WAR we have decided to open free transfers for players to specific servers. WAR, more than many games, only gets better with more people. These transfers will enable players to experience more action during all hours whether fighting in scenarios or Open RvR.

Absolutely true, and if there is one thing that Warhammer Online could use, it is more people. By now, Warhammer players should be well tuned with the process. Starting tomorrow, Drakenwald will be marked as a “legacy server,” disabling the creation of new characters. Existing characters are free to transfer to Badlands or Karak Norn for three weeks until the server is deactivated and you will be forced to transfer anyway.

On the other hand, Warhammer has almost run out of servers to close down.

(Source: Warhammer Herald)

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