New World: The Latest Merger List

New World server mergers.

New World is merging servers and I know what you’re thinking; Connor didn’t they just open new servers? Yes. We’re talking about legacy servers, the ones that lost players because everyone is going to the new servers and left some of the old servers.

Server mergers are set to begin December 2 at 2a.m. EST with a two and a half hour downtime for the servers being merged. Servers will also be taken down for an hour on November 29 at 2a.m. EST to apply in-game messaging and server blocks for wars and invasions. If your world isn’t in the list below, it isn’t being merged. Or so the Germans would have us believe.

Central Europe

  • Tupia will be merging into Asgard.
  • Fae will be merging into Niflheim.

US East

  • Eden will be merging into Olympus.
  • Themiscyra and Frislandia are merging into Heliopolis.

US West

  • Aukumea will be merging into El Dorado.


  • Eridu will be merging into Delos.

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