Destiny 2 Breaks Community Event In 25 Hours

Players have already completed it.

Destiny 2 this week launched a community event to rebuild the Eliskni Quarter in the Tower. Players have been tasked with collecting and donating Captains Coins in massive amounts to help rebuild the Eliksni Quarter at the Tower, and players figured out a way to break the event almost immediately. And it’s finished. The event was supposed to go on for the next two weeks and presumably slowly unlock changes to the area.

As of this publishing players have already amassed nearly 700 million coins, meaning within a couple of days the community will have more than doubled the 400 million cap that Bungie originally asked for. If you’ve been stocking up on large quantities of planet currencies you’ll likely be able to obtain all of the personal rewards in one visit without any additional work needed.

Great work everyone.

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