Mortal Online 2 Bans Hundreds Of Accounts

In recent ban wave.

Mortal Online 2 is taking cheaters to the cleaners. The folks at Star Vault announced this week that hundreds of accounts have been banned in response to a bag exploit that made the rounds recently allowing players to bypass loot on death.

The total number of bans will be reported in this month’s ban report according to the news post. In addition, Star Vault notes that bans apply to players rather than accounts, and anyone banned for cheating will have their alt accounts banned as well as any player houses or strongholds completely deleted from the game.

We are very committed to battling exploiting and cheating in our game, and we hope our most recent policy updates and actions reflect that. We know how important it is for the health of the game and community to combat bad actors and ensure a fair field of play, and we are always working to improve our systems and processes to do so.

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