Fae Farm Hits Spring 2023 On Switch

Check it out.

Not too long ago I got a glimpse at upcoming title Fae Farm, a Switch exclusive coming Spring 2023. In development by Phoenix Labs who you may be familiar with from their title Dauntless, Fae Farm is shaping up to be quite the cozy little title. Players take over a farm (go figure) and the game revolves around completing tasks, tending crops, fishing, exploring the land, and crafting items.

Fae Farm will be playable up to four players online and local, and is so cozy it even has a cozy rating that gets you more rewards as you make your home cozier. Dive into dungeons, make friends with the townsfolk, and overall just have a good time. While not available for order yet, the Switch page is up and public. Players will be able to get their hands on a copy in both physical and digital formats.

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