Mabinogi Server Merger Hits Turbulence

Apologies inbound.

This week was supposed to mark the smooth merger of Mabinogi servers Alexina and Nao, but as things often go a few bumps in the road have proven difficult to navigate for the technical crew. Following several intermittent issues and server restarts following the merger, the Mabinogi server was taken offline and has remained off in order for Mabinogi’s engineers to figure out what is going on and how to fix it. In a post on the official website, Mabinogi producer Enrico apologized for the continued downtime following technical faults that popped up during and after the server merger.

Our testing prior to the merge went as we had planned and we were proceeding along as we had expected. We opened the servers publicly at 4 PM PDT as we had announced. Though the high volume of logins was expected, the Login Server was unable to handle amount of simultaneous requests shortly after opening. This resulted in players unable to reach the lobby or enter into the game world. After closing the server, we found errors related to Fynni Pets causing extra requests to the login and fixed them before re-opening again at 7:45 PM PDT.

Unfortunately, the login issues remained so we shut down the servers again to resume investigating the cause. The investigation by the Development Team and the Engineers is still ongoing.

As of this publishing the server is still offline. According to Enrico, the team is extending the double rainbow event until April 18 at the end of the day and discussing further compensation for players.

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