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Shanghai Fukong International Plans To Sell Its Stake In Jagex

Reuters is reporting that Shanghai Fukong International plans to sell its partial or full stock in RuneScape developer Jagex at some time presumably in the near future. Shanghai Fukong International was formed in 2016 and is a venture capital firm that bought all investments from Jagex’s previous investors for a 100% stake in the developer to […]

Daybreak Game Company Gets New Investor, Mobile Everquest Coming

Daybreak Game Company today has announced strategic investment by NantWorks, a holding company, and some developments have dripped out to the public regarding a mobile Everquest title as well as mobile H1Z1. “In connection with the investment, NantWorks has obtained a controlling interest in a new joint venture with Daybreak, NantG Mobile, LLC, which has […]

Destiny 2 Is Not In A Good Place, Says Analyst, Following Microtransaction Controversies

It feels like we can’t go more than a week or so without Bungie being forced to apologize to its community for another dumpster fire of a PR decision, with the promise that they will listen closer moving forward. With each apology centered around either a hard-to-overlook bout of poor design or perceptibly underhanded attempt […]

Funcom Announces Acquisition Of Conan Property

Funcom has announced that it has approved plans to acquire 50% of the Conan the Barbarian portfolio. The acquisition, approved by the board and pending approval at a general investor meeting in January, would see Funcom benefiting from a 50% royalty reduction on Age of Conan and Conan Exiles while also acquiring 50% royalties for […]

Zynga Recovering With Higher Than Expected Earnings

Zynga’s stock has recovered most of its value following the announcement that CEO Don Mattrick would step down with Mark Pincus taking his place. Zynga’s stock fell heavily with Pincus’ return, down to a low of $2.38 from its $2.90. Investors are responding well to Zynga’s latest quarterly results, in which the company announced severe […]

NCSoft Q2 2012: Profits Down, Revenue Up

NCSoft has released its finances for the second quarter of 2012, and considering that the major MMO news sites suddenly care enough to report on it, I can only assume that there is some drama to be had. Compared to last quarter, revenues are up thanks to solid Lineage sales and royalties, however NCSoft is […]

Sulake’s Biggest Investor Returns Shares

If Sulake is looking to take care of the community problems present in Habbo Hotel, they are going to have to act fast. In just the short time since BBC4 ran their investigation into Habbo Hotel, revealing that the game was a breeding ground for child grooming, Sulake lost its second largest investor and both […]

Darkfall’s New Investors: InternetQ

Although inevitably someone will come and tell me otherwise, investors have historically had major impacts on MMO development and direction on a fundamental level. For instance, I would never make the direct claim that Insight Venture Partners told Jagex to reverse course and start including exclusive in-game items packaged in with certain vendor cards, but […]

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