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XLGames Resolving Unspecified Issues Regarding Trion Worlds Buyout

Rev up the rumor mill. In a surprising bit of news, XLGames has posted an announcement on the ArcheAge forums announcing that the 5.0 update release date is still being decided, and that the company is currently working to resolve some issues that have popped up in the recent acquisition of Trion Worlds by Gamigo. […]

CCP Games Acquired By Pearl Abyss

CCP Games announced this week that the studio, developer of popular MMO Eve Online, has been acquired by Pearl Abyss, best known for their work on Black Desert Online. The deal, which does not close until October (expected), claims that CCP will continue operating as an independent entity, the sale amounting to $425 million in […]

Trion Worlds Acquires Gazillion Assets

In an astounding twist of events, Venture Beat is reporting this week that Trion Worlds has acquired the assets from defunct studio Gazillion Entertainment. As part of its acquisition, Trion will get its hands on all of Gazillion’s licenses, trademarks, patents, and domains. In addition to utilizing the new licenses for its own purposes, Trion […]

Daybreak Clarifies Ownership…Three Years Later

Pop quiz: Who owns Daybreak Game Company? If you answered Columbus Nova, you are as wrong as every news outlet that reported on this three years ago, including MMO Fallout. You would be forgiven for this misunderstanding considering that the news was announced from Daybreak’s PR with the headline “Columbus Nova Acquires Sony Online Entertainment,” […]

Funcom Announces Acquisition Of Conan Property

Funcom has announced that it has approved plans to acquire 50% of the Conan the Barbarian portfolio. The acquisition, approved by the board and pending approval at a general investor meeting in January, would see Funcom benefiting from a 50% royalty reduction on Age of Conan and Conan Exiles while also acquiring 50% royalties for […]

Jagex Acquired By Chinese Investors

Jagex, the Cambridge-headquartered creator of RuneScape and Chronicle: RuneScape Legends finally announced their acquisition by Chinese investors, with a new Board of Directors being constituted immediately upon their purchase. The acquisition was first hinted at months ago after news broke that the developer was considering offers from Chinese iron mining company Shandong Hongda. CEO Rod […]

Jagex Acquired By Chinese Mining Operation

Never let anyone tell you that 99 mining won’t get you everywhere in life. Jagex, makers of the MMO RuneScape and its many spinoffs, has announced that it is in the negotiation phase for a potential acquisition by a Chinese company by the name of Shandong Honda. You may be thinking that Shandong Honda is […]

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