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Crowfall’s Backer Stretch Goals Thus Far

With about 70 hours left to go in the Crowfall Kickstarter, more than fourteen thousand have pledged their support. The latest stretch goal is the Guinea Beast pack animal. The next stretch goal, at 14.5 thousand backers, will offer bonus tax-free land parcels to backers at varying tiers. Female Centaur characters and enhanced particle effects. […]

Crowfall Details Training/Skills

Artcraft Entertainment has posted a new update to its Kickstarter backers detailing the game’s skill/training mechanics. While active training will be available to gain proficiency, passive training will be the primary way of advancing your character’s skills. Similar to Eve Online, passive training means your character is advancing whether or not you are logged in. […]

Crowfall Upgrades To UNITY 5

ArtCraft Entertainment has announced that Crowfall has been upgraded to run on the latest version of UNITY. The engine upgrade brings in new physics integration as well as the .NET platform along with a whole host of middleware. UNITY 5 was released this week as a fully featured free engine. (Source: Backer email)

Crowfall Begins Phase 2: Kickstarter Now Available

The timer on Crowfall’s website hits zero today and it may not surprise many of you that it lead to a Kickstarter campaign. The self-described Throne War Simulator is asking for eight hundred grand over the next month, with an estimated delivery of December 2016. In Crowfall, players battle it out over multiple worlds for […]

Play Crowfall To Destroy, Not Create

If you hadn’t heard, Crowfall is set to be developed using the Voxel Farm engine, the same technology powering Everquest Next and Landmark’s destructible terrain. The benefit of this tech is that it allows for procedural generation and for the world to be destructible on a very detailed level. Blast holes in walls. Collapse towers […]

Crowfall: Buy Once, Play Forever

Artcraft Entertainment has revealed their pricing system for Crowfall, announcing via FAQ that the game will be available for a single purchase. Crowfall is a “buy once, play forever” game. That means that you buy the game once (estimated retail price of USD $50.) and you can play for the life of the game, without […]

Ultima Online: Rampant PvP Drove Away 70% Of New Players

Ultima Online’s second expansion, and its new continent Trammel, has been debated nonstop since its introduction way back in the year 2000. Gordon Walton, currently working on the upcoming MMO Crowfall, is responsible for Trammel and posted a lengthy piece explaining why the update came to be. In his post, Walton explains that Ultima Online was losing […]

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