Crowfall Is Shutting Down Already

Temporarily. Wink.

Less than a year and a half after its launch, Crowfall is officially shutting down. Now if you read the official explanation, the dev team over at Monumental is claiming that the shutdown is only temporary. The closure is so the company can reevaluate things and decide how to go forward with the MMO due to its poor performance since its launch in 2021.

On November 22, 2022, at 11 AM CST Crowfall will go dark, and the game servers will be unavailable. Until the service goes offline, take this time to try out all of the cool buildings, mounts, and emotes for free in the Crowfall store.

Now I don’t want to be pessimistic, but I’m willing to be the only way Crowfall is coming back is going to be under new ownership or a new investor, or not at all. Either that or the team will move on to doing contract work writing firmware for Dyson smart vacuums and we’ll never hear about the game again.

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