Marauders Celebrates 30 Million Raids

In a month.

It’s been a short while since the launch of Marauders, the gritty dieselpunk PvPvE game and one of the more recent releases in the explosion of extraction games hitting Steam and other platforms. The game launched just over a month ago and according to an announcement put out by Team17 and Small Impact Games, users have taken on a whole 30 million raids in the ensuing weeks.

Also of note is that the Sten is the most looted weapon in Marauders and players rack up an average of four kills per raid before escaping or being killed. Just some figures to make you feel like a scrub today. Lone wolves make up 59% of raids and over 9.2 million bandages have been looted to deal with those nasty gunshot wounds.

Today’s patch introduces two new weapons; the British EM-2 rifle and Webley Revolver. Today’s update adds new features including map cycling, additional airlocks, mission specific XP for Breacher Pod kills, a toggle lean option, and a field-of-view slider.

Check it out.

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