Steam: Scam Superman Game Nuked

Valve removes title after DMCA takedown.

Another day, another scam. As of less than an hour ago Valve has officially nuked a scam game on Steam that stole and uploaded a free tech demo for profit. The game was listed on Steam as “Heroes City Superman Edition” with the scam artist calling themselves Hero Game Studios.

In reality the game is a free “experience” tech demo created with Unreal Engine 5 and uploaded to that uses the Matrix tech demo and mostly just replaced Neo with Superman along with other marketplace assets. You can still download the tech demo at the original source, while the Steam version was uploaded and has been alternating prices going as high as $35 USD.

The title as of today has been removed from the store via DMCA takedown from the original creator Tyson Butler-Boschma and the store page is unavailable. The community discussion board is still up and viewable however.

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