Lost Ark Was Just Kidding About Those Pheons

Accidentally gives out free stuff.

Lost Ark is apologizing this week, as the folks at Amazon accidentally handed out ten Pheons along with an in-game message talking about upcoming changes to the game. The 10 Pheons could be exploited by repeatedly creating and deleting characters. I’ll let them explain it;

Last night we sent out an in-game message to notify players of the upcoming critical adjustments to the Tripod system, which require Skill Tree Effects to be stored in the Skill Tree Inventory ahead of the November 16th update to avoid losing them. Unfortunately this message had an unintended 10 Pheons attached, which could be claimed on every character, and could subsequently be exploited by deleting and re-creating new characters. To remove the message and the potential economic exploit, an emergency downtime was induced.

The good news for those of you who used the Pheons is you won’t be punished, nor will they be removed from your account. The news post states that a comment on compensation would be coming within the next 24 hours from the post. It has not.

While we originally stated we planned to remove the Pheons from the accounts that received the mail, we understand that many players spent these in good faith. As we caught the exploit before it was widely used, we have decided not remove the Pheons. We hope to continue to provide valuable rewards throughout the rest of the month, and once again apologize to the players impacted by this.

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