Diaries From: I Played H1Z1 Again

Daybreak’s flagship game.

Daybreak loves talking about how important the H1Z1 series is to their investors, for which I imagine the investors care about the game about as much as Daybreak does. Not a bit. Otherwise they’d probably be asking why Daybreak hasn’t had a single person working on the game they abandoned two years out of launch, the game they had Jace Hall working on for Christ’s sake, and what it says about the company’s health that the abandoned pizza box is what they consider really important. The same Daybreak Game Company so utterly bereft of resources and talent that they haven’t really released a single new game not already in development when Sony sold them off.

H1Z1 got itself a fancy “coming soon” banner for season 10, something that was added into the game because I mentioned in a prior article that Daybreak had fully abandoned the title. So we do know that someone was embarrassed enough to put up a fa├žade of effort. Not that the coming soon would mean much, as it’s been about 15 months since that banner went up and Daybreak couldn’t muster the productivity to throw together even another lazy $5 pass made up of lockboxes.

I logged in to H1Z1 because I keep it installed on my PS5, because I am literally the only remaining fan of H1Z1 in the gaming press and literally the only person who cares to check under the tree to see if Daybreak’s insane wealth has resulted in actual productivity. It hasn’t. At 5p.m. on a Friday afternoon, the best the servers could muster for me was 13 players on solo.

All in all I managed to get two kills, which is great for me because H1Z1 is dead. This means that a lot of people who remain are those who really like H1Z1 and play a lot of H1Z1. It’s kinda like how Quake 3 or Unreal Tournament whittled down to just the pros over the years. If I, a person who boots up H1Z1 roughly once every six months, can get a kill in the desolate wasteland of players who play far more than I do, that’s a win for me.

Going back to H1Z1 is like finding that pizzeria that used to serve really good food, and then the owner developed a bad cocaine habit and started getting into fights with customers, eventually driving away any business the place had despite the pizza still being pretty darn good. That’s a true story by the way. Daybreak had such an opportunity being at the front of the line for major battle royale games, and in addition to screwing up that opportunity management never cared enough to figure out what was being done wrong and actually fix it. Because not caring is basically the #1 goal of Daybreak management.

They had Jace Hall for crying out loud.

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