Ubisoft Quartz Hasn’t Broken $800 In Sales

Nine sales in the last month.

With Ubisoft minting a new set of guns for Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, I thought I would go back and see how their Quartz project is moving along. Money-wise. And as it turns out, the game that was a thundering failure when it released in 2019? People aren’t really lining up to buy NFTs for it.

According to third party marketplace OBJKT, the last month of Ubisoft Quartz trading saw a total of ten transactions to the tune of 72 Tezos total, or $308.16. The entire market for Ubisoft Quartz since it released in early December amounts to 166.49 Tezos, which translates to about $712 USD. Three thousand minted items were handed out so far, and the pistol will double that number once the claim period ends next week.

Now not everyone is a loser in this equation, as several of the Quartz NFTs had sold for upwards of 20 Tezos, which runs to about $80. Which means some lucky bastard managed to convince someone less perceptive into spending $80 on a functionally worthless item for a commercial failure of a game, and $80 will get you a lot of Taco Bell chicken wings. And if the seller acquired it from the drop, they didn’t pay a dime out of their own pocket. Pure profit, baby.

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