Streaming Site Trovo Adds StreamElements

Trovo partners with StreamElements.

Up and coming streaming service Trovo announced this week a partnership with StreamElements that will bring its suite of content creation tools to the service. StreamElements of course brings free elements including overlays and super themes to facilitate streamers managing their channels.

“Our ultimate goal is to offer content creators best-in-class discoverability, which is what puts us ahead of some leading streaming platforms in the industry today, and we’re excited for StreamElements to be part of that,” said  Allen Chan, Trovo Senior Operations Manager and Head of North America. “We want our creators to feel at home and to have the freedom and tools at their fingertips to explore their creativity when creating content”.

StreamElement feature are cloud-based, freeing up resources on streamer PCs for gaming and streaming. To check out Trovo, head over to their official website.

Source: press release

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